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3 injured in crash with K-9 officer's car | News

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3 injured in crash with K-9 officer's car

A police officer and his K-9 were part of a serious crash that injured three people along Highway 20 in Nevada City Monday morning. The officer had just made a traffic stop just after 6 a.m., and was in his patrol car checking the driver's license. A Chrysler sedan approached the patrol car and the driver, for unknown reasons, allowed the car to drift onto the shoulder and hit the back of the patrol car.

Witnesses told CHP investigators the sedan was going about 50 mph at the time of the crash, and allegedly did not try to slow down. The impact of the crash pushed the patrol car into the original car pulled over. The sedan spun around across the road, hit a light post and overturned.  

The three people inside the sedan were removed from the car by emergency personnel and rushed to the hospital with moderate to major injuries. The officer had a cut on his head, and his K-9 Rudiger appears uninjured. The driver of the original vehicle that was pulled over is OK and was not hurt.

The investigation is ongoing, alcohol and/or drugs do not appear to be a factor in this crash.


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