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Lisa O'Hara
By Lisa O'Hara, Contributor, Community Blogger

It is an honor to contribute to News10 My neighborhood.  Having been a volunteer reporter for Citrus Height City Times, I was drawn to publishing articles and photographs following such events as the Candle Light Vigil held by Domestic Violence of Citrus Heights in a plight to keep recognizing, worldwide, each woman who has been a victim of domestic crimes.  Women from all over the world that eve gathered with a lit candle in-hand, sharing prayers for enlightenment for women still in the darkness of violent homes and their children who suffered, as well.  Tears welled up in each of the women who attended that eve in a circle, in a parking lot in Citrus Heights, as each candle lit, held high, could be seen universally. 

My desire is to contribute to My neighborhood, the many charitable events raising donations for those in need.  So many fabulous sponsors are on-board to support Sacramento and the outlining districts, and those who attend activities to raise funds are those with such a generous heart and spirit who may run, walk, or participate supported within a wheelchair. 

The commitment is there, Sacramento!  As I presently belong to a volunteer organization, I write and photograph many events.  I wish to share with you this spirit, as it is this spirit that raises us higher and higher above the economic crunches that plague our city, state and country.   We are coming together....one event after another! 

As I have been a contributor to News10.net My Neighborhood for 12 months, many nonprofits have had articles written, as well as photograhs taken to keep our readers on-line informed of the great services our communities receive from various organizations.  If you wish your nonprofit event have an article written, please contact me: My service is for nonprofits, only, and I am a volunteer, only. 


I appreciate being able to share.