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Photo Gallery | Sacramento Receives Prayers ~ Thank you Chaplains of Law Enforcement Chaplaincy-Sacramento!

On January 1, 2013 the Gates of the City including Twin Cities at 99 & 5, Causeway/Childs Road, Airport, Elkhorn at Hwy 70, 99 and 70 – Blood Ally towards Yuba, Antelope at Placer Line, Hwy 50 at Scott Road and Grant Line Sunrise at Hwy 16 were blessed by our Law Enforcement Chaplaincy-Sacramento.  This prayer path began in Ikea parking lot where twelve chaplains arrived at 8am, bright and early, and were filled with desire to bless our beloved Sacramento. 

The purpose of this Prayer Drive-By Rally: 

  • Encompass all the openings into the city and pray for our City’s covering and protection, as well as praying for renewal and restoration of its people. 
  • Pray for transformed hearts of the people.
  • Pray for a city wide revival of hearts desiring to draw closer to God.
  • Pray for a fresh anointing of the Holy Spirit.
  • Pray for the salvation of the lost.
  • Pray together corporately for our capital city, that a pivotal impact of restoration

will flow throughout the entire state of California. 

As this contributor was invited to ride with Senior Chaplain Mindi Russell, Executive Director, Law Enforcement Chaplaincy-Sacramento, it was an honor to be in the presence of Mindi as she prayed upon each landmark of our city including schools with prayers for safety for our children; recreational areas such as parks and walking paths – that protection be given to our youth who need to feel safety as they play, all those who picnic with family and friends, and those with evil intent to harm our citizens, be diverted quickly in their minds and hearts to not pursue a course of harm to anyone; homes driven by received prayer that economic strife be lifted as jobs and finances be restored; letting go of a culture desiring only materialism to the point of financial duress and stress eroding the heart and soul.

Government buildings received prayer for an uprightness and justice in government institutions, agencies, and people responsible in any position of authority – for teachers, police, administrators and parents. 

Churches and Pastors received prayers to be strengthened, refreshed in vision, faith and love to serve. 

Thanksgivings were made on behalf of all people.   

Finally, asking the city to see with His eyes, sense what is good and pleasing in His sight as well as things that grieve Him.  A prayer was said asking God to bring forth an enduring spiritual awakening. 

Our Capitol received the final prayers for our city. Twelve Law Enforcement Chaplains gathered in front of the elegantly decorated Christmas tree and each prayed aloud for safety over our city, inviting into our city those with the ‘light of goodness’ in their hearts, as well as prayers warding off those with evil intent. 

Let our city’s prayers, touching every gateway of entrance this day, be invitational for only ‘goodness’ in the hearts of those who enter and create a safe gateway keeping out the intent of those wishing harm.   This is my prayer for our city, as contributor to News10 My Neighborhood!

Blessings to all of you this New Year, 2013. 

Lisa O’Hara, Contributor, Email:  lisaophotos@yahoo.com

Feel free to contact Mindi: 
Senior Chaplain Mindi Russell, Executive Director, Law Enforcement Chaplaincy - Sacramento
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