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Photo Gallery | Nakate Project Jewelry - Great holiday presents that help Uganda

SACRAMENTO, CA – The Nakate Project has necklaces, bracelets and earrings that use beads made of recycled paper and bold vibrant colors to add an extra flair to any outfit.

What’s also great about the jewelry is that it helps Ugandan women become more independent and fight AIDS in the region.

The Nakate Project started in 2010 by Sacramento resident Shanley Knox. Knox and her team met a 7-year-old orphan named Cossy Nakate with AIDS in a small village in Uganda. Knox’s team helped pay for her food every month, but they felt like that wasn’t enough.

According to the  Nakate Project’s  website, the team wanted to help all the women in the village. So, they brought home a sack of necklaces, which started the Nakate Project.

The project sells jewelry made by the women in the Ugandan village of Nakasangola then gives the money back to the women, which will help develop the village.

If you’re still looking to buy the perfect present for someone this holiday, check out the Nakate Project website. You can place orders online and get the jewelry delivered to your door.


Knox and her team are planning to go back to Uganda in February. However, they need your help. The Nakate Project is looking for donations to help buy bags, shoes and cow horn items from the women the team works to train to make jewelry.

Donations can be made on the IndieGoGo fundraising website.


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