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Here are some shots of a mudslide that I shot on 3-17-2012 after what seemed like a week of rain. This was in the foothills near Newcastle, CA.

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Today's quiz was submitted by Calaveras High School student, Cally Gustafson. She asked how fast raindrops fall? The answer is 5-20 m.p.h. It depends on the weight and size of the drops. Bigger drops fall faster. Thanks Cally!

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Sierra snow brings business to foothills

COLFAX, CA - Fresh snow is putting a lot of people to work in the Foothills, even when they aren't getting any snow themselves.

Businesses near Interstate 80 exits have been busy since snow fell Monday morning, which forced many drivers off the road.

"We had everyone turning around in our parking lot and coming in," Colfax's Blue Coyote Taqueria owner Zach Murray said. "It was awesome."

Murray recently opened his restaurant. He said this is the first time it's benefited from visitors going up the hill for fresh snow.

"I am so busy, that I ran out of supplies! I wasn't prepared for all of this," Murray said. 

The forecast calls for more snow to fall near the Summit on Tuesday and Wednesday evening.

Murray is one of several businesses expecting to reap the rewards of mother nature.

By Natalie Sentz, nsentz@news10.net