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Social media draws teens to trespass, take pictures under Foresthill Bridge | News

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Social media draws teens to trespass, take pictures under Foresthill Bridge

At 730 feet tall, Foresthill Bridge in Auburn provides people with spectacular views of the American River Canyon. But, driving over California's tallest bridge is simply not as big a draw as what's going on underneath.

"When you go down there, it's breathtaking," said a young thrill seeker from Sacramento who did not want to be identified.

He and his friends ignored the "Keep Out' signs and hiked down the steep hill to the lower deck of the bridge.

"You take that risk when you walk down there," he explained.

It's a trending risk that has now caught the attention of law enforcement.

"It's being driven by social media," Placer County Sheriff's Office spokesperson Dina Erwin said. "People are learning from one another that this is a scenic place, but it's also a very dangerous place."

On Tuesday, the sheriff's office went public with alerting people of the risk involved from illegally climbing onto the bridge's cat walk, all for the sake of taking a picture and posting it on social media sites like Instagram.

"It's 100 percent fatal," Erwin said. "If you fall, there's no surviving a 730-foot fall."

During the past few days, officers have issued more than 30 citations, mostly to teenagers who've been caught standing on the metal beams.

"We want to bring awareness to the bridge without bringing more people to the bridge to do illegal behavior," Erwin said. "But, we do just hope with reinforcing this area, it will keep people out."

The question now is whether this awareness will put a stop to the social media craze that is putting lives at risk.



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