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Grass Valley man arrested for drugging, assaulting teen babysitter | News

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Grass Valley man arrested for drugging, assaulting teen babysitter


A Grass Valley man is accused of drugging and sexually assaulting a 16-year-old babysitter.

Randolph Gorton, 35, was arrested Friday and is charged with rape of a drugged victim and sexual assault of a person under 18 years of age, Grass Valley police said Wednesday.

Police said the victim's mother reported on Feb. 12 that, a few nights before, her daughter had been assaulted. The girl worked as a babysitter for Gorton and had gone to his apartment on the night of the assault at his request.

"When she went to his residence, presumably to babysit for him, at some point she was drugged and while she was incapacitated, that's when the assault occurred," Grass Valley Police Lt. Steve Johnson said.

Police said the teen was drugged with methamphetamine. Investigators are not yet able to say whether the meth Gorton allegedly gave the girl was taken voluntarily or slipped into a drink or food, but they did say it incapacitated her.

"And by that, I don't mean unconscious, but I mean certainly unable to make rational decisions that we normally could," Johnson explained.

On Friday, as police staked out Gorton's apartment, he came home but apparently spotted them and suddenly turned into a strip mall. There, detectives were able to box him in and take him into custody without incident.

Neighbors said Gorton was friendly enough, but some believe his behavior was erratic.

"Maybe friendly, but definitely on something -- meth, speed," said neighor Shirlene Stewart, who, like police, worry Gorton may have victimized others. "Beause I've seen two different girls up there with [Gorton's daughters]."

Grass Valley police are cautioning parents to know who their children may be working for.

"Just be very careful in any environment you're sending your kid into and just be sure you know who they're interacting with and what their history is and that you feel good about it," Johnson said.

Gorton is being held at the Nevada County Jail on $100,000 bond.



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