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Store maps for your Black Friday shopping game plan

One of the major keys to a successful in-store Black Friday experience is knowing where the retailer's putting the deals, and how that store is laid out.

Click on any store name below and you'll find the only hand-drawn deal maps in the country (exclusive to our network of stations). Please note that some store sections will differ slightly, others may be the mirror image of a map. Knowing a store's layout could easily put a deal in your hands first.

Happy Shopping!

Click on any store name below to download the map.

Something's Funny Behind the Door

Something's Funny Behind the Door


I have a folder in my Outlook email called "Jackisms." When Jack was smaller, I would write down the cute things he would say or do and save them in that folder. You forget so much as they get older. I wish there was a place you could save that baby smell. Not that one, the good one. The fresh out of the bath in the clean jammies smell.   When Jack was two, we lived in a very small apartment. Here's a story I recorded for posterity nearly nine years ago. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do re-reading it now:   The second bathroom in our apartment has two doors: one enters from the hallway (of course) and the other leads to Jack's bedroom (or I should say, "playroom" cause he certainly doesn't sleep in there--he prefers the dormitory style sleeping arrangements of Mom and Dad's room).

CONTEST: Announcing the winner of the pet photo sweepstakes!

Congratulations to Harley and his morning face! You are the winner of a $500 photo package from G and G Productions plus a pet goodie bag!

Thank you everyone for sending in your photos! We love all of our News10 My Neighborhood pets!

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Who's Hiring: Squaw Valley/Alpine Meadows

TAHOE, CA - Squaw Valley / Alpine Meadows Ski Resorts will hold a Job Fair November 11, 2011.

Seasonal openings include ski lift operator, ski school instructor, parking attendant, rental shop worker, and food/beverage employees.

Interested applicants for Squaw Valley must apply online first in order to receive an interview time slot and those applying for Alpine Meadows should call (530) 581-8212 to set up an interview time.

NEWS10 SCARATHON: Devilishly delectable drink ideas for any Halloween party

NEWS10 SCARATHON: Devilishly delectable drink ideas for any Halloween party

Beyond the costumes and candy, Halloween has become synonymous with great parties.  From Fairfield to Folsom, Natomas to North Stockton, kids and adults gather in best get-ups for good fun, good food, and great drinks.

So if you’re looking for a few creepy concoctions to add a little life (or should we say afterlife?) to your Halloween hop, we’ve assembled some recipes designed to please thirsty ghouls and goblins of all ages.

We also added a little bonus at the end, so be sure to read through the entire post:


Bubble, Bubble, Boil then Trouble
Stole this recipe from Dr. Frankenstein's lab.  Guard it with your life.