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Turkey-Free Thanksgiving Recipes

Turkey-Free Thanksgiving Recipes

Want to banish the bird? Here are five creative options, and not a turkey among them.
Text and recipes by Melissa Clark

Let's face it: Some of us are far from excited about the prospect of dining on another big bird on Thanksgiving Day. Maybe you never really liked turkey in the first place. Maybe several decades of leftovers have taken their toll. Or maybe you just want a second centerpiece to perk up your holiday table. Whatever the reason, if you're ready to try something new this season, look no further.

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Source: Melissa Clark, www.epicurious.com

Auburn Home Show This Weekend

Auburn Home Show This Weekend

The Auburn Fall Home Show is at the Gold Country Fairgrounds all weekend long, so if you haven't had a chance to get there yet, you still have time.

Hours of Sunday:10am-6pm


  • General: $7
  • Children 5-12: $1, Under 5 free
  • Seniors 60 & above: $2 Friday only

Go to the Auburn Home Shows website section: Special Features to get lots of information. 

Auburn Fall Home Show is the largest fall home show in Northern California.

With thoughts of remodeling, redecorating and preparing for the holiday season, this show is a must.

Free Irrigation and Landscape Workshop

Learn about the latest irrigation technology and landscape design at this August 18 workshop


Granite Bay, Calif. – Property owners needing help with their irrigation systems, bringing plants and grass back to life or landscape design can get answers and advice at a free workshop this month.

Hosted by San Juan Water District on August 18, the Irrigation and Landscape Workshop will show locals how to create beautiful, lush landscapes that require less water. Anyone interested in water-efficient yard and garden improvements should attend.   

“Some people may be surprised to learn they’re actually damaging their grass and plants by over watering,” says San Juan Resources Analyst Vicki Sacksteder. “Our workshops teach people to how to irrigate the smart way.”  

The workshop begins at 9 a.m. in San Juan’s Water Efficient Landscape (WEL) Garden.

For the love of artichokes

For the love of artichokes

SACRAMENTO, CA. - My mother lives in the Monterey area and just brought me a treat: the official vegetable of Monterey County.

In case you don't know what vegetable that is, it's the artichoke. She didn't just bring me one artichoke but a bundle of them. It lead me to wondering, can we grow artichokes in Sacramento and just how good are these things for you anyway?

According to Dale Huss the vice president of artichoke production at Castroville's Ocean Mist Farms, "Artichokes are fun to grow."

A Little Instagram Fun to Connect with other Gardeners.

A Little Instagram Fun to Connect with other Gardeners.

[You can now see live updates of our Instagram pictures and garden photos from all our #gardenchat gardeners across the country on our website! It’s such a fun way to share sneak peeks with what everyone is up to.