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What to do when your child is “The Biter” | Family

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What to do when your child is “The Biter”
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What to do when your child is “The Biter”

I received an e-mail a few weeks ago from a mom, desperate to help her two year old son. He just so happened to be “the biter”.

At some point in our parenting journey, we’re all faced with biting and children. Either our children have been on the receiving end, our children are the ones biting, or we have been bitten ourselves!

This concerned mom expressed embarrassment, but more importantly, a desire to help her son (and his preschool friends) to overcome this phase in his development.

From the tone of her e-mail, I knew she was in distress over the whole situation. She worried that her son would be labeled “the bully”.

The thing about toddlers/preschoolers and biting is that it truly is a normal part of social development for many children, albeit an unacceptable one.

Unfortunately, parents of “the biter” often suffer unfair scrutiny and judgement once the word gets out. As Dr.Jen (also a mom and pediatrician), who blogs over at Play This Way, says in her post on children and biting…“I would much rather be the mom of the bitten than the biter!” And she knows both sides intimately, being mom to two sets of twins!

So, for starters, if you happen to be the parent of “the biter”, here’s what you should know:



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