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Is Your Daughter Ready for YA? | Family

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Is Your Daughter Ready for YA?
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Is Your Daughter Ready for YA?

Momservation: It’s hard to get mad at a kid hiding under the covers to read.

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Like me, my eleven year-old daughter loves to read. She loves a good book like her brother loves a good SportsCenter highlight.

As her appetite for books grows and her reading ability advances it’s been harder and harder to find her quality books that meet her maturity level.

Though she thoroughly enjoyed them, she’s blown past Diary of a Wimpy Kid and The Lightning Thief series. Harry Potter was great, but now it’s over. Hunger Games was a perfect preteen series with just a touch of romance, but the action is what took center stage.

When my daughter, a 6th grader, brought home from her middle school library the book,Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, I at first protested before letting her read it (I had read and enjoyed it years ago). That’s because one of the four storylines involved premarital sex...

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Family, Moms

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