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Santa, Please Bring Mommy an Assault Rifle | Family

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Santa, Please Bring Mommy an Assault Rifle
Family, Moms, Politics
Santa, Please Bring Mommy an Assault Rifle

Momservation: Setting a good example for your kids doesn’t mean target shooting with an assault weapon.

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Someone please tell me why a suburban mother needs an assault rifle.

And being a “gun enthusiast” is a hollow explanation reverberating against the sobs of parents. Parents who have just been told their children were murdered by a gun meant for war in a school meant for learning.

Don’t tell me it’s our Second Amendment right to bear arms. Anyone who pretends to think this country is in the same need of firearms as it was in the 1700’s is a fool and a coward hiding behind indoctrinated rhetoric. We do not need to form militias for our protection when we have the mightiest military in the world. We do not need guns to hunt for food in order to survive when we have grocery superstores dotting our landscape. We don’t need it to protect our families from hostile indigenous people and lawless marauders when we have brave men and women in uniform sworn to protect us in every city in America...

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Family, Moms, Politics

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