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This is one of Kits & Kats Rescue special needs kitty Lila. She is very sweet, 9 months old and needs surgery immediately to alleviate the severe pain she is in. Her knee caps are inverted, causing severe pain & deformity to her hips and legs.She has medial patella luxations, bilateral and severe,  with bowing of both the tibia/fibula and deformation of the bones of the hock as well.

 Basically, her kneecaps are pulled off to the inside and the tendon cannot stretch enough to allow normal bone growth.  It has gotten worse as she has gotten older and the tendon has been pulled tighter and tighter.   She was probably born with the patella luxation problem and it has gotten worse as her bones lengthened with growth , it has caused the rest of the bones to grow crooked.

Celebrate “Something on a Stick Day” at Denio’s: 4th Annual Corn Dog Eating Contest, Wiener Dog Race

Celebrate “Something on a Stick Day” at Denio’s: 4th Annual Corn Dog Eating Contest, Wiener Dog Race

Denio’s Roseville Farmers Market & Swap Meet will be celebrating “Something on a Stick Day” by hosting its 4th Annual Corn Dog Eating Contest on Saturday, March 23, 2013. Also included in the celebration will be a fun day of wiener dog festivities organized by Roseville & Lincoln’s Long Lovers Dachshund group.

“Something on a Stick Day,” which is officially celebrated on March 28th will be celebrated at Denio’s a few days early by inviting the entire community to come watch and even participate if they’d like in a competition in which the winner will leave with the coveted Corndog Trophy and a Grand prize of $200 cash. Second prize winner will walk away with $100 cash and the 3rd place winner $50 cash. The hungriest contestant is the one that can eat the most corn dogs as possible during the four minute matchup.

Looking for Love--Brutus Seeks Baby Mama

Looking for Love--Brutus Seeks Baby Mama

Brutus, a 3-year-old Chihuahua, seeks his true love and future baby mama -- and his owner, Dennis Creter of Rancho Cordova, is hoping a News10.net viewer has the perfect mate for Brutus!

"He's my mother's pet.  She's in a nursing care facility, and I have him now.  I hope to find true love for Brutus, and keep one of his Chihuahua puppies!"

Dennis says Brutus has no pedigree... just lots of love!

"I hope to find him a mate and keep one of his puppies," explains Dennis. "Brutus loves people, but he needs another dog as his companion."

News10.net viewers who have a potential mate for Brutus may post her photo as a Facebook comment at the end of this story.

Brutus seeks true love -- and Dennis wants his puppy! 


Breeds blacklisted from Farmer's home insurance coverage

SACRAMENTO, CA - Farmers Insurance says it will no longer cover pit bulls, rottweilers, and certain wolf hybrids under your homeowner's insurance.

"These three breeds account for 25 percent of all dog bite claims and cause more harm when they attack than any other breed," says Erin Freeman, Chief Communications Officer at Farmers.

But animal rescue groups say this unfairly condemns certain breeds and insurance companies should consider coverage on a case-by-case basis.

"You look at the individual dog just like people you can't make judgements about someone just based on an appearance," says Dawn Capp with Chako Pit Bull Rescue.

Farmers says California homeowners will be notified of the change as their policies come up for renewal.

by Brittany Davis Pulley, BDavis-Pulley@news10.net

RRUFF - Dog's Day Out Valentine's Party - Saturday, February 16 from 1:00 - 3:00 p.m.

RRUFF - Dog's Day Out Valentine's Party - Saturday, February 16 from  1:00 - 3:00 p.m.

You are invited to RRUFF's First Annual Valentine's Day Party! -  "Dog's Day Out" from 1:00-3:00 p.m. at the RRUFF Dog Park inside Johnson-Springview Park, 5480 5th St. in Rocklin .

If you love your pooch and want to celebrate Valentine's Day, this is your chance to shower him or her with love and attention - There will be doggie & people treats,  a photo booth,  doggie games, prizes, and a special kissing booth that will be  whatever you want it to be -smooch your pooch, smooch another pooch, have your pooch smooch you!  

If you haven't been to the new RRUFF Dog Park in Rocklin yet, this is the time to visit.  The weather is going to be beautiful!   There is a brand new concrete pathway in the large dog area; lots of benches; separate areas for small & large dogs; and an enclosed Special Needs Area.

Calif. coyote hunting contest to proceed as planned

Calif. coyote hunting contest to proceed as planned

SACRAMENTO (AP) - Despite pleas from animal welfare advocates, the California game commission has declined to intervene in a controversial coyote hunting contest this weekend in wolf country.

But members of the commission did ask at their meeting on Wednesday whether they had the authority to regulate the contests in the future.

On Saturday and Sunday, hunters will fan across Modoc County in northeast California to see who can kill the most coyotes in a contest sponsored by a local gun club. The winner gets a silver buckle.

Animal welfare advocates argued before the Fish and Game Commission that the hunt is inhumane. They also said coyotes help control vermin, playing an important role in the ecosystem.

Margo Parks of the California Cattlemen's Association said coyotes cause $4 million in damage annually.