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Dog lovers defend pit bulls as breed

SACRAMENTO, CA - A pit bull attack that left a woman in Stockton dead Thursday has re-ignited a debate about the breed: Is their reputation for violence deserved?

STORY: Woman killed in apparent pit bull attack in Stockton ID'd

Owners of American Staffordshire Terriers competing at Cal Expo's Sacramento Kennel Club Dog Show will tell you their dogs are often mistaken by the public for pit bulls, so they're intimately aware of the public scorn for pit bulls.

That's especially true for Richard Chatigny. After years of raising Amstaffs and other dogs, he and his wife adopted a pit bull named Sadie.

"She's the calmest. She's the most obedient. She's the most accepting of anybody and everybody. She's a great ambassador," Chatigny said of Sadie.

Nevada Co. man in possession of bear cubs sentenced

NEVADA COUNTY, CA - A North San Juan man accused of trying to sell two bear cubs at a Nevada County gas station last summer has been sentenced.

STORY: Orphaned bear cubs doing well at wildlife center

Christopher Puett, who was found guilty of unlawful possession of a restricted animal, harassing an animal and taking a mother bear with cubs, received two years probation and a $210 fine. In addition, should he violate probation, he can expect to spend 30 days in jail and pay an additional fee of $420.

The court also said Puett is subject to unannounced visits from officers with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife and the Nevada County Sheriff's Department. Also, he must put any animal food he places outside of his home or buildings in an enclosure to discourage wildlife.


This is one of Kits & Kats Rescue special needs kitty Lila. She is very sweet, 9 months old and needs surgery immediately to alleviate the severe pain she is in. Her knee caps are inverted, causing severe pain & deformity to her hips and legs.She has medial patella luxations, bilateral and severe,  with bowing of both the tibia/fibula and deformation of the bones of the hock as well.

 Basically, her kneecaps are pulled off to the inside and the tendon cannot stretch enough to allow normal bone growth.  It has gotten worse as she has gotten older and the tendon has been pulled tighter and tighter.   She was probably born with the patella luxation problem and it has gotten worse as her bones lengthened with growth , it has caused the rest of the bones to grow crooked.

Celebrate “Something on a Stick Day” at Denio’s: 4th Annual Corn Dog Eating Contest, Wiener Dog Race

Celebrate “Something on a Stick Day” at Denio’s: 4th Annual Corn Dog Eating Contest, Wiener Dog Race

Denio’s Roseville Farmers Market & Swap Meet will be celebrating “Something on a Stick Day” by hosting its 4th Annual Corn Dog Eating Contest on Saturday, March 23, 2013. Also included in the celebration will be a fun day of wiener dog festivities organized by Roseville & Lincoln’s Long Lovers Dachshund group.

“Something on a Stick Day,” which is officially celebrated on March 28th will be celebrated at Denio’s a few days early by inviting the entire community to come watch and even participate if they’d like in a competition in which the winner will leave with the coveted Corndog Trophy and a Grand prize of $200 cash. Second prize winner will walk away with $100 cash and the 3rd place winner $50 cash. The hungriest contestant is the one that can eat the most corn dogs as possible during the four minute matchup.

Looking for Love--Brutus Seeks Baby Mama

Looking for Love--Brutus Seeks Baby Mama

Brutus, a 3-year-old Chihuahua, seeks his true love and future baby mama -- and his owner, Dennis Creter of Rancho Cordova, is hoping a News10.net viewer has the perfect mate for Brutus!

"He's my mother's pet.  She's in a nursing care facility, and I have him now.  I hope to find true love for Brutus, and keep one of his Chihuahua puppies!"

Dennis says Brutus has no pedigree... just lots of love!

"I hope to find him a mate and keep one of his puppies," explains Dennis. "Brutus loves people, but he needs another dog as his companion."

News10.net viewers who have a potential mate for Brutus may post her photo as a Facebook comment at the end of this story.

Brutus seeks true love -- and Dennis wants his puppy!